Reference Materials

Please note that links to external sites do not serve as a promotion or endorsement of the external site. It is simply a link to the best materials we have found so far while we work on completing the materials for the site.

This page contains both inspired writings and useful reference materials about Christ and his gospel. On this page there are materials that are inspired words from those who have been in the presence of Christ and materials that may be of interest to aid you in your understanding of history and context surrounding scripture.

Holy Bible English Versions
Book of Enoch
Dead Sea Scrolls
Joseph Smith Jr. Inspired Writings
Denver Snuffer Inspired Writings
Webster’s 1828 Dictionary Online
Online Etymology Dictionary
The Works of Flavius Josephus
The Book of Jasher
Legends of the Jews
The Story of Ahikar
Pistis Sophia
Letters of Pontius Pilate
Gospel of the Holy Twelve
World Chronology
Abraham Chronology
Ancient Scripts
The Book of The Dead
The Book of Breathings
Gilgamesh The Flood Narrative From the Gilgamesh Epic
The Story of Krt
Joseph Smith the Prophet and his Progenitors by Lucy Mack Smith