The gospel of Jesus Christ consists of all the teachings that Christ has given his followers. The gospel consists of the things that will enable a follower to live life in a manner similar to deity and to acquire the attributes of deity. Where the gospel is a broad set of ways to live & worship and characteristics to acquire it is not how admittance is gained into the heavenly order known as the “the church”, “the church of the Lamb”, “the church of the Firstborn”, “the church of Christ”, “the church of God”, or “kingdom of God”. Where gaining all of the attributes of God is necessary and will certainly make you like Him, everyone is also required to follow the simple doctrine of Christ as well.

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On this site we attempt to have access to all of Christs known writings and teachings in one place to make it easy for your reference and study. It is our desire to provide you with the most accurate and unmodified documents as possible. We know that there will always be men who desire to thwart the cause of God. And we know that these men change the words received by Gods messengers to fit their own agenda. It is our desire to provide original sources from the pen of those who have received a message from the mouth of God.

This site is a work in progress and it is our hope to have all the materials we offer hosted on this site and searchable soon.

May God grant you the gift of his Holy Spirit and enlighten you with the gift of the Holy Ghost on your path back into his presence.